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By working with Flare you will gain access to business practitioners skilled in guiding, innovating, and managing projects as well as those who have stood up and delivered the change within many of the largest customer experience transformation programs in the Asia Pacific Region. We are skilled not just as consultants but as business owners/practitioners who have ‘been there and done that’ across many industries including telecommunications, banking, utilities, and government.  

As practitioners we are always expanding our knowledge because we are constantly analysing real customer channel behaviour (compared to theoretical research), perceptions, and processes. We innovate to create differentiated strategy specific to your organisational needs, and then we package all that knowledge we have to drive the change program.

A few of our progressional services are highlighted under their own tabs, including:

  • Channel Strategy
  • Voice Biometrics and
  • Open speech


…but we have depth in all the sub-skills that make these projects successful, some of which are discussed under this ‘Professional Services’ header but always include:

  • Process review/ re-engineering
  • People change
  • Technology choices, designs and implementation



Innovation is critical to success yet too many businesses simply document existing processes (current state) and copy these into a future state rebuilt. Be it an operating model, technology roll-out, or something as simple as management reporting, these are all opportunities to drive significant business benefit. Flare Design have the skills to document in the way a business analyst might be expected to deliver but more critically the business experience to appropriately challenge the current state where the greatest opportunities exist for a re-design and extraction of benefit.

Our Process Team focuses on these 2 areas;

  1. Current State Facts: Time-in-motion, fact book development, and process mapping is a core competency. This is the base data that is the foundation for identification of value and costs, in turn enabling sizing and prioritisation of opportunities
  2. Innovative Design: The facilitation of workshops to extract business intellectual property is a cornerstone of re-inventing processes. Flare Design have pushed boundaries around usability and customer experience so bring to the table proven designs that can be used as a basis for your businesses future state solution



At Flare Design we believe that your people are the key to delivering your business objectives. That is why much of our focus is on your peoples’ skills, behaviours, their operational processes and their goals.

Our services are centred around 3 key business performance programs focussing heavily on engagement, involving and extracting insights from the business, and engaging staff through participation. This is supported through creative and consistent communications, ongoing mentoring and coaching.

Our People, Organisation and Change Team focus on these 3 performance programs;

  1. Technology and Transformational Change: Flare has expertise in managing change, particularly for implementation of technologies and re-organisation of contact centre operating model. Throughout design, testing, pilot and implementation, our change interventions gain detailed insights that deliver change that ‘sticks’, engages employees and delivers improved customer experience and business case results
  2. CX Coaching for Results: The CX (Customer Experience) Coaching for Results program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge of the Contact Centre Team Managers who are pivotal in delivering your service experience. The initial emphasis of the program is on raising their understanding of what they can control in order to improve the customer experience. Once this is understood we then develop their skills in ‘how’ they can coach and engage their teams to deliver a great Customer Experience. More detail can be found here
  3. Customer Experience: Flare understands customer contact needs and with detailed knowledge of any technologies being deployed in front of the contact centre we are well placed to successfully manage the customer and staff impacts



Flare Design’s work is agnostic of technology – also making our services ideal for those seeking independent review of competing tenders. Simply put we focus on the outcome, typically best described by the customer experience but always including staff usability, and the realistic business value (i.e. the cost and complication of any new technology being considered, including realistic value of integration elements and it impact on operations and future growth strategies).

Our technology engagements include:

  1. ‘Bake-off’ Analysis: Direct comparisons of competing technologies and their impact on costs, people, processes, and future fit for the organisation
  2. Best Practice: Comparing current state of a business with best practice use of technology
  3. Innovative Design: Presenting methodologies for designing the customer and staff experience to meet the strategic goals of the business. For example, designing innovative enrolment experiences to ensure that voice biometrics reaches a necessary tipping point of customer volumes to ensure the scale drives a step-change in security for the business

Some discrete capability across our team is also listed below for reference.

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