Our Clients

Flare has been fortunate to work on a wide range of transformation projects across most of the large customer services businesses in NZ, Australia and further afield. Our work originates from business stakeholders talking to their peers in the service industry. Ultimately this provides the best evidence of our depth in the area of customer contact and the linkages between digital and human support channels. 

These engagements span all service industries and include work with challenger brands, cloud-based customers, and traditional service businesses transforming towards a digital first future operating model.

The common thread is the customer demand for service and typically the clients desire to lower total cost-to-serve through smarter work practices and enabling digital. 

Our approach is to ensure clarity about the problem and opportunity, develop stakeholder confidence, and focus on helping your business extract real value from your people and systems, particularly in the area of contact centres and how the voice and digital channels is able to best serve the human support it provides.