About Flare

Flare is here to help unlock value. We design inside out, recognising that its your business, the people and processes that can leverage the possibilities of the enabling technology. The ease of implementing technology in the cloud and agile era makes this expertise even more critical.  

We have walked in your shoes as business owners of customer contact channels and done our 10,000 hours on customer requests and resolution, intent models, NLU, Chatbots and on where Ai is layered into the process of service delivery. This head start, enables us to help you reduce risk early and deliver successful projects.

Flare Design is a NZ and Australian based business 100% focussed on customer contact, the contact centre domain, and the relationship to the surrounding technology, processes, and people. Flare have been engaged by almost all of the large service businesses in Australasia, working on a number of transformation programmes in banking, utilities, telecommunications, and Government in the last decade.

Clients recognise that the Flare expertise brings benefits that accelerate and refine the early phases of solution design to enable the build of a fit-for-purpose solution. During delivery, Flare also provide automated testing expertise with a team of Cyara certified guru’s and methodology that provides the assurance that the stakeholders principles are delivered through to the implemented solution. This depth of experience brings speed to the project without compromising detail and gets the business on the front foot early. This allows the developers/vendors to focus on build and implementation.

Our Sweet Spot

The contact centre domain and its relationship to the surrounding technology, processes, and people is our strength. We work on dozens of customer intent centric projects including NLU, Ai, biometrics, as well as operating model optimisation each year. Clients quickly realise that our depth of experience in all things contact centre both allows us to move quickly to add value but more importantly often define a different root cause than was understood by the business. Our emphasis is to solve the root cause, not just develop a list of quick wins and band-aids. This thinking empowers the business, strengthening its position when defining solutions and dealing with vendors.

All this becomes even more critical in an agile delivery model as our expertise has been described by clients as bringing the benefits of the waterfall detail into the agile world, all at 10% of the effort versus the traditional BA led discovery. The idea is to get on the front foot early so the solution being designed is fit-for-purpose.

Some of Our People

Hamish Stewart

Hamish blends his analytical strengths with his ever-growing interest and knowledge of human contact behaviour. He has a professional career of over two decades in the area of customer channel strategy and behavioural economics and has been instrumental in the significant adoption of self-service for many customer service organisations in Australasia and Internationally.

Richard Yelash

After more than a decade of experience as a business owner of customer facing channels, Richard is now at the forefront of helping clients design, build and operationally leverage these systems and operating models. He has been responsible for developing and executing numerous step-change initiatives in large customer services organisations delivering a significant number of solutions in front of, and within contact centres.

Mauricio Hernandez

Leveraging his decade of experience working around Contact Centre operations, Mauricio co-founded the Flare Design Business Analyst and Testing disciplines. A skilled practitioner, with a talent for people management, Mauricio brings extensive experience working in and alongside Contact Centres, capturing business needs and translating these into detailed designs blending technical and detailed design knowledge, experience with real life customer usability.

Sai Vivekananthan

Sai brings over a decade working within the outsourced Contact Centre market and even longer consulting with business in and around their operations. His extensive experience in transformation projects, procurement and even operationally managing Contact Centres provides Sai a unique view and understanding of the opportunities to improve efficiency in these environments.