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About Flare

Flare Design are customer contact and contact centre practitioners (a term used by our clients to differentiate us from generic consultants). We bring a complete end-to-end view of the impacts, pitfalls and mitigating strategies of technology implementations, change and the impact on staff. We are specialists in operating models, agent skilling, and how to leverage technology to enable workflow and operating rhythm in your business. Oh, and we really enjoy what we do!


The Flare team have walked in your shoes as owners of many customer contact channels across a range of service companies. For the last 15 years we have solved operating model challenges and implemented dozens of enabling technology projects spanning voice and digital channels, founded on customer centricity but aligned with maximising business value. This head start, enables us to help you reduce risk early and deliver successful projects.

Our Sweet Spot

The contact centre domain and its relationship to the surrounding technology, processes, and people is our strength. Clients quickly realise that our depth of experience in all things contact centre both allows us to move quickly to add value but more importantly often define a different root cause than was understood by the business. Our emphasis is to solve the root cause, not just develop a list of quick wins and band-aids. This thinking empowers the business, strengthening its position when defining solutions and dealing with vendors.

All this becomes even more critical in an agile delivery model as our expertise has been described by clients as bringing the benefits of the waterfall detail into the agile world, all at 10% of the effort versus the traditional BA led discovery. The idea is to get on the front foot early so the solution being designed is fit-for-purpose.

Any of these things on your mind…

Just some of the common themes we are engaged around so just reach out (see mail icon at the top of the page) if these matter to you…

“How do I.…improve agent efficiency?”

“…get voice biometrics right?”

“…get my cross-skill model right?”

“…design an intent model to route contacts better?”

“…develop an agent career pathway?”

“…start integrating Ai capability?”

“…automate my testing to get to market faster?”

“…make speech IVRs work for the contact centre”

“…increase agent speed to proficiency?”

“…remove waste and increase self-service opportunities?”

“…get sufficient requirement detail into my agile delivery model?”

Client feedback on our work...

  • Flare Design have been instrumental in helping our mission teams make a number of customer experience improvements and enhancements resulting in significant reduction in customer effort and pain points such as unnecessary transfers. Their knowledge coming from proven experience as practitioners over many years has assisted us to shape a strong vision, align our technology to our operating model and cut through legacy complexity of our business with their support. The work we’ve done with Flare has resulted in reductions of millions of unnecessary calls.
    Max, Principal Channel Experience
  • Flare Design have provided invaluable advice on all areas of our transformation programme, from our overall roadmap through to the customer journey, detailed process design, Contact Centre impacts, operational support, colleague training and customer communication – all which have been tailored to our business environment. They are very pragmatic and flexible to work with, and always available to support ongoing queries and issues. 
    Andrea, Manager IVR and Operations, Lloyds Banking
  • From my perspective, IT change management in contact centre projects is one of the key development opportunities we all have within the region. Flare Design's business-side experience allows them to work easily with the contact centre and enables them to get to the root of issues, identify opportunities and manage change more effectively. Contact Centre staff are typically change fatigued but the Flare approach, developed and delivered face to face, with unique market and communications never misses the mark when trying to cut through. The key to successful contact centre change is bringing the business on the journey and making them part of the overall delivery process.
    Sam, Program Director
  • Flare Design have a great grasp of the customer experience that IVRs deliver and exactly where customers are likely to fail in their navigation. We engaged Flare initially to guide us through the introduction of our speech recognition project and they continuously demonstrated their expertise in this area.  The are innovative, pragmatic and enabled our project to execute more effectively. 
    Andrew, Contact Centre Operations
  • We have utilised Flare Design for over 5 years. What started as seeking some vendor neutral design thinking, has developed over the years to the point we consider Flare as one of our organisations key design partners for voice, speech, biometrics, business improvement, and self service.  I would highly recommend organisations who are working through their strategy or customer experience roadmap to engage with Flare Design, to ensure you get the right framework that’s appropriate and unique to your organisation going forward.
    Nigel, Business and Planning Manager, Inland Revenue
  • Flare Design were engaged to undertake a review of our IVR system from, what I had initially understood, was a technology standpoint. What eventuated was an incredibly thorough critique - packed with jarring revelations, and also loaded with opportunities for the business to make a difference. Flare-Design's input has not only revitalised but has re-shaped my thinking. Far from being bogged down by IT solutions, my team and I have now lifted our gaze to the inherent potential at our disposal and the action plan laid our before us. A huge thanks guys!
    Danny, Assistant Director Telephony, Dept Human Services
  • We needed to consider a channel strategy for the future and partnering with Flare Design helped us clearly identify this.  They really took the time to understand our business and I felt that the outcome was specific to our organisation rather than a document created from a template with a new logo.
    Anthony, Chief Operating Officer
  • I've been fortunate enough to work with Flare on a number of open speech and voice biometrics projects. It has allowed me the luxury of placing my focus on the IT issues, knowing that they will ensure the customer experience is delivered through the detailed design phase. Flare definitely push the boundaries of design, and that can be challenging to some people, but it all makes sense when you see the results.
    Franc, Project Director
  • “Flare Design has introduced my management team to new ways of leading our people. Flare’s methodology is concise, based on simple application of facts, allows my leaders to focus on coaching the right people at the right time, all with clear outcomes to achieve. In only a few months Flare were able to help me deliver efficiency gains of 15%, all through leadership and “rightperson- routing” disciplines. We’ve also benefited from succession planning through the mentoring that Flare continue to provide”.
    Tony, Contact Centre Manager, Meridian Energy
  • We benefited from Flare Design's previous experience with other organisations so there was no time wasted and no extraneous “sales pitches”. We are delighted with the result and are keen to engage Flare to assist us with more best practice recommendations as their wide ranging view can add so much value to our business.
    Valerie, Manager, Contact Centre
  • Our company recently engaged Flare Design to assist us with reviewing our IVR to ensure it reflected our branding campaign. Flare got it. We briefed them on our campaign and the tone and very quickly they presented a spot on recommendation and statement of work. Flare presented us with a Voice Persona that was perfect and scaled an age demographic that again fitted so well with our business. Nandini is amazing. Her ability to script and coach the voice talent to get it just right is impressive. She has a calm and confident approach and she engages in the process as if she were physically in the room.  
    Ruth, Manager, Contact Centre
  • As program manager I have been responsible for delivering a number of large scale and complex telephony projects, including speech recognition and voice biometrics. After meeting and hearing a handful of tips from Flare it was easy to understand their specific expertise and how it complemented more traditional resources I required.  Flare Design has been an integral component of the project teams, providing expert independent design, innovative ideas, and implementation advice to me, ensuring that the solution design is technically first class, stakeholders are well engaged, and importantly the customer is provided with the best possible experience. 
    Mark, Program Manager, Inland Revenue
  • Flare Design have introduced my management team to new ways of leading our people. Flare's methodology is concise, based on simple application of facts, allows my leaders to focus on coaching the right people at the right time, all with clear outcomes to achieve. In only a few months Flare were able to help me deliver efficiency gains in the vicinity of 15%, all through leadership and "right-person-routing" disciplines. We've also benefited from succession planning through the mentoring that Flare continue to provide.
    Tony, Manager, Customer Contact Centres
  • Flare Design has been working with me as a vendor for over 5 years, providing expertise and experience in call centre technologies, people, analysis and processes. In particular they have a very valuable skill set around voice biometrics, self-service and call centre routing and operations, giving advice and practical support on how we can best manage our calls from inception to termination, and the many steps in between.
    Jared, Advisor, Business and Planning
  • Flare Design were instrumental in the delivery of an extremely successful open speech solution at Westpac. They challenged the business, the business operating model, overcame stakeholder concerns, and really engaged staff to ensure long term adoption. The challenge with a speech recognition project is not the technology. The technology works. It is the application of the technology that is the point of difference in the industry. As program director they were truly my trusted partner and with their guidance we delivered an exceptional project.
    Sam, Transformation Program Director
  • These guys never stop thinking about ways to improve design and constantly push the edge of best practice further. The Westpac solution routes 81% of callers on their first request, creating a benchmark for all speech systems. This has changed the historical perception of speech amongst stakeholders and customers of Westpac. Most importantly customer experience and advocacy as measured through NPS improved post implementation all whilst key operational metrics where delivered, proving you can deliver a balance between customer experience and organisation benefit.
    Sam, Program Director, Westpac
  • We have utilised Flare Design in our business for over 5 years. In this time they have brought a significant amount of thought leadership and best practice discipline to the table. I appreciate their innovative thinking and as a consequence of our relationship we have been able to redevelop our business processes, deliver new automation and lift our people's performance. These changes have had a direct effect on the things that I care about - customer satisfaction, staff engagement, and performance (sales and retention).
    Tony, Manager, Customer Contact Centres
  • From a very engaging “keeping in touch” strategy Flare Design was an organisation that I wanted to work with even though the opportunity was not present at the time I first became aware of their work. Flare have now shown to myself and a wider group in our business what value they can add, certainly a case of small beginnings that will grow because they know what they are doing and they do it in a trustworthy style but a style that reflects that they know they are good at what they do.
    Ruth, Manager, Contact Centres
  • The key for me is that Flare Design pay as much attention to the customer experience as the business benefits. Their ability to innovate, and drive strategy and then execute at a tactical level makes our relationship with Flare one we highly value. We are confident we will continue to always get an outstanding outcome. They are always thinking, always adding value and we always appreciate it.  
    Gloria, Manager Speech, Telecom
  • The support that Flare Design have provided to date with our speech programme has been first class.  They have been able to provide the right expertise providing innovative suggestions and solutions to ensure we have the right framework in place for each phase to the programme.  As we are introducing a totally new concept to both our customers and our business, Flare Design have been invaluable supporting our stakeholder communication plan and ensuring that we introduce the appropriate new operational processes to support the automated environment.
    Andrea, Manager IVR and Operations