Why Flare

The Flare team ‘hit the ground running’, immediately able to bring use cases and facts into the dialogue to increase the project stakeholder confidence.

Stakeholder Confidence

Confidence. Our emphasis is bringing the client ‘up-to-speed’ with the actual fit of a solution to their problem. Often that means challenging the facts and definition of what that problem actually is. This provides the independent verification and drives the confidence to move projects forward. Much of this is unlocked by the series of work completed below, all combining to give the client confidence to move faster. 

Requirements. We quickly establish a depth of requirements that makes the client feel confident they’re going to address their problems. Our expertise in all channel and particularly related to digital adoption, CX and required taxonomy models makes this a foundational step.

Testing Gurus. The team bring best practice testing automation and DevOps capability. Our Contact Centre domain knowledge and expertise in IVR (SLM, SSM etc.) enables us to reduce ‘false’ bugs, lifting the quality of the diagnostics, and reducing overhead on the developer teams. 

Business IP. People are hesitant to change and often ‘fatally’ prefer a rebuild of the ‘current state’ capability on new platforms. Our focus is to avoid the common but costly process to attempt to simulate the old way of working. Instead, we work tirelessly with stakeholders to upskill towards the best practice enabled by new technologies.

People and Process. All solutions require the underlying processes to complement and people to support the new way of working. Integrated into our change management approach is our focus is on ensuring the workflow is clearly seen as adding value to maximise its adoption and success. The message needs to clarify what’s in it for me (agents), customers, and the business.