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Flare Proposition...

Inspired to make customer service better! We are leading the charge to design the best voice biometrics, open speech, IVRs, and operational designs to make it happen. We are specialist in customer experience design and contact centre transformation. Our unique point of difference is our design expertise, shaping world leading IVR, Speech Recognition and Voice Biometric systems. We’ve guided many companies, transforming the way they deliver customer service, today and in the future. We are innovative, flexible, fun to work with, and we've delivered time and time again. So, if you're thinking about your customer, seeking to improve your operational efficiency, seeking to reduce cost-to-serve, or just about to embark on transformational change then we can probably help.

Assorted Flare Projects

Designing a Channel Strategy

Time-in-motion studies are a powerful way to drive towards a very detailed channel strategy

Visibility of IVR CX

Gaining business confidence through a regular health check of the IVR

Driving Phone Banking

Our rule of thumb is that, in the banking domain, you should be able to direct 80-85%+ of all calls into your phone banking.

Voice Biometrics Testing

This client’s objective was to improve the ease of use and access to services by introducing a voice biometric solution for customers calling it

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Additional Professional Services

  • Project Management

    The Flare team incorporates Project Manager experts, able to drive the broader program of work.
  • Customer Research

    Understanding your customer needs is critical if you want to match it to an effective customer service offering. We offer a simple research method to ensure the complete picture can be formed.
  • Test Management

    Flare have managed many of the test phases for IVR, Open Speech and Voice Biometrics. This includes system integration and well as business acceptance and automated testing. Our testers and can help support or drive these aspects of your project.
  • Voice Talent Selection and Coaching

    Many IVRs, the prompting and persona, reflect out-of-date style and wording. We have delivered dozens of voice "persona" reviews, exposing significant gaps to best practice. Our team can help ensure your voice reflects your brand and maximises the engagement of callers.
  • Analytics

    We often find clients have limited resources able to analyse the performance of their people or allow them the insights into their open speech or biometrics to enable the business to own and drive "tuning" cycles. We are able to supplement this capability and deliver targeted analytics linking enquiry to CSR and speech system performance, handing control back to your business.

Client's Perspective

  • We needed to consider a channel strategy for the future and partnering with Flare Design helped us clearly identify this.  They really took the time to understand our business and I felt that the outcome was specific to our organisation rather than a document created from a template with a new logo.
    Anthony, Chief Operating Officer
  • As program manager I have been responsible for delivering a number of large scale and complex telephony projects, including speech recognition and voice biometrics. After meeting and hearing a handful of tips from Flare it was easy to understand their specific expertise and how it complemented more traditional resources I required.  Flare Design has been an integral component of the project teams, providing expert independent design, innovative ideas, and implementation advice to me, ensuring that the solution design is technically first class, stakeholders are well engaged, and importantly the customer is provided with the best possible experience. 
    Mark, Program Manager
  • We have utilised Flare Design for over 5 years. What started as seeking some vendor neutral design thinking, has developed over the years to the point we consider Flare as one of our organisations key design partners for voice, speech, biometrics, business improvement, and self service.  I would highly recommend organisations who are working through their strategy or customer experience roadmap to engage with Flare Design, to ensure you get the right framework that’s appropriate and unique to your organisation going forward.
    Nigel, Business and Planning Manager
  • Flare Design were instrumental in the delivery of an extremely successful open speech solution at Westpac. They challenged the business, the business operating model, overcame stakeholder concerns, and really engaged staff to ensure long term adoption. The challenge with a speech recognition project is not the technology. The technology works. It is the application of the technology that is the point of difference in the industry. As program director they were truly my trusted partner and with their guidance we delivered an exceptional project.
    Sam, Transformation Program Director
  • We have utilised Flare Design in our business for over 5 years. In this time they have brought a significant amount of thought leadership and best practice discipline to the table. I appreciate their innovative thinking and as a consequence of our relationship we have been able to redevelop our business processes, deliver new automation and lift our people's performance. These changes have had a direct effect on the things that I care about - customer satisfaction, staff engagement, and performance (sales and retention).
    Tony, Manager, Customer Contact Centres
  • From a very engaging “keeping in touch” strategy Flare Design was an organisation that I wanted to work with even though the opportunity was not present at the time I first became aware of their work. Flare have now shown to myself and a wider group in our business what value they can add, certainly a case of small beginnings that will grow because they know what they are doing and they do it in a trustworthy style but a style that reflects that they know they are good at what they do.
    R.T, Manager, Contact Centres
  • The key for me is that Flare Design pay as much attention to the customer experience as the business benefits. Their ability to innovate, and drive strategy and then execute at a tactical level makes our relationship with Flare one we highly value. We are confident we will continue to always get an outstanding outcome. They are always thinking, always adding value and we always appreciate it.  
    Gloria, Manager Speech, Telecom
  • The support that Flare Design have provided to date with our speech programme has been first class.  They have been able to provide the right expertise providing innovative suggestions and solutions to ensure we have the right framework in place for each phase to the programme.  As we are introducing a totally new concept to both our customers and our business, Flare Design have been invaluable supporting our stakeholder communication plan and ensuring that we introduce the appropriate new operational processes to support the automated environment.
    Andrea, Manager IVR and Operations