Flare Design’s work represents around 95% of the voice biometric enrolled base of customers throughout Australasia. We’ve helped initiate, business case, manage privacy and security challenges, designed the CX, implemented, and/or consulted, and tested almost every voice biometrics system in NZ and Australia. Even in cases where we have been asked to review installed systems we have been able to quickly establish strategies to both increase enrolments ten-fold and improve verification performance by 15-20%.  We’re excited now to be working on all-of-government solutions that really promise to step-change the way consumers access government agency services. The improvement to the customer experience (CX), privacy, security, and value to all parties is significant.

And, while Australasian deployments are actively growing, we find time to apply our expertise working with Banks in Singapore and the UK on their voice biometric projects, helping challenge the way they manage their identification and verification processes to ensure they design a sufficiently innovative solution to set them up for success.

Our value is the knowledge we bring in real world voice biometrics deployments, enabling us to highlight risks, mitigation strategies, and essentially sophisticated approaches to maximising the sum of all the pieces, as this is not just about a technology. Our goal is to work with the business stakeholders, and project team to ensure we translate the exact nature of how voice biometrics must work for your business and customers. The critical message here is that together we can develop a solution that puts the customer and your people at the centre of the design.

As with all our projects we also respect the knowledge and seek key input of frontline staff, understanding how they work, what they understood the concept to be, and how to best integrate it into their work pattern (and importantly their desktop and processes). We encourage investment into a strong change program centred on the agent, to get the key aspects of adoption across the business.

We focus on accuracy and innovation, delivering a tailored solution suited to your needs – not a black box! By creating customer and business centred as well as detailed design requirements we were able to provide the technology vendors with a clear set of deliverables, making the project not more but less complicated and prone to change control activities. This is how the technology can really deliver the business need.

So, if you’re considering biometrics or looking for ways to get more value from your existing investment, talk to us…