Date:March 12, 2015

Voice Biometrics Testing

This client’s objective was to improve the ease of use and access to services by introducing a voice biometric solution for customers calling its contact centre, and for the future re-use across all its channels. Both active and passive voice biometrics were tested although the statistics below only highlight the active system testing.

Challenge: We were engaged to conduct performance testing, verifying the end-to-end performance of the system under load.

In conducting the testing we had to ensure the strategy and test plans would critically address the following:

  1. Establishing a fact based view of the user experience under anticipated transactional rates
  2. Assessing call quality
  3. Analysis of IVR prompt response times at 98% and 99.5% performance levels 

The testing involved over 200,000 automated calls into the active biometrics system, across 5 test cycles and applied a number of different environmental factors to test the system performance under load and with some distortion of the voice.

As well as bringing significant testing expertise to the table our team all have strong contact centre experience as well as business analyst and project management skills. These combine to enable us to easily translate requirements, develop test strategies, manage, and conduct testing across multiple channels, IT environments, and application technologies. This enables us to work more efficiently and easily across:

  • Testing strategy, methodologies, and analysis
  • Routing solutions/call classifier IVRs, and agent desktop systems
  • Open speech design
  • Voice biometrics applications
  • Self-service IVRs
  • MIS and contact centre management systems