Date:July 16, 2015

Visibility of IVR CX

This large telecommunications business was receiving mixed messages from its IT management, principally those owning the IVR, and their customers about the experience navigating the IVR

Challenge: To quantify the performance in business terms to drive confidence that the IVR was delivering to the agreed customers experience regardless of time of day or other factors regularly impacting the contact centre business

We were able to assist by designing a series of several dozen automated tests that gave an immediate ‘health-check’ to the business around key performance criteria. Using Cyara’s automated tool we were then able to trigger hundreds of calls across key parts of the day to simulate busy periods/high load on the IVR and then observe the performance of the call both through the navigation and reaching an agent successfully.

The health check focussed on providing the business clarity that:

  1. Calls get answered by the IVR in a timely manner
  2. Calls can get through the navigation menus (and in a reasonable amount of time)
  3. Calls get answered by an agent, not drop into a black hole
  4. Calls get answered by self-service
  5. The self-service functionality is working


The results were very pleasing and were able to give the business a more balanced view of the actual customer experience and understand some of the “worst case” scenarios, with facts! The work has highlighted a series of initiatives that are now being planned for and the health check is now being considered as a regular management dashboard.


As well as bringing significant testing expertise to the table our team all have strong contact centre experience as well as business analyst and project management skills. These combine to enable us to easily translate requirements, develop test strategies, manage, and conduct testing across multiple channels, IT environments, and application technologies. This enables us to work more efficiently and easily across:

  • Translating testing into business language
  • Testing strategy, methodologies, and analysis
  • Routing solutions/call classifier IVRs, and agent desktop systems
  • Open speech design
  • Voice biometrics applications
  • Self-service IVRs
  • MIS and contact centre management systems