Date:February 12, 2015

Manual Testing

This organisation’s technologies had reached capacity and were at end-of-life impacting the performance of the contact centre and required them to replace the existing platforms and move the business onto a stable and scalable solution.

Challenge: Test multiple platforms, tools, systems in 3 months under an agile development model

Our engagement was focussed on manually testing the broad range of the solution that measured the functional performance against requirements. This involved the team getting more intimate with the business drivers behind the requirements to ensure these were correctly interpreted at the test phase.

The testing had to comprehensively address the following:

  1. Testing new technologies implemented into the Call Centre. E,g multimedia platforms, outbound solutions, intelligent workspace solutions (iWS)
  2. End-end customer experience through telephony interactions. E.g ivr testing, call routing, reporting capabilities etc.
  3. Call Recording solutions e.g NICE


It was made all the more challenging because of the agile development processes where there were multiple build, test, refine phases that created additional demands on regression testing. The testing exceeded 500 test cases in quality centre and was delivered within the 3 months allocated.