Date:January 12, 2015

INFOMart Reporting

Challenge: To increase the realisable business value during the refresh of INFOMart.

Our engagement was focussed on helping understand the business stakeholder/consumption group to ensure the output would enable them to effectively drive both their current state need but even more importantly meet their future needs under a re-designed operating model.  It had to critically address the following:

  1. Changes: What is different, how will it impact the business
  2. Culture: How we work, how we use information/data, what is required to stop/start/continue
  3. Capability: Best use of the assets (including tools), technical capability level required by our people to deliver to the business requirements

We facilitated session to up-skill the business stakeholders, sharing best practice as well as the out-of-the-box capability delivered by INFOmart and the opportunities to leverage these in future. With greater shared knowledge we were then able to work with these stakeholders to extend on their previous business requirements (which were in the most part just swapping like for like). These defined more than just reports but also the delivery, timeliness, and actionable use of these reports.

The outcome was a more comprehensive set of requirements that aligned to the future challenges and opportunities for the business to grow. In particular it defined the need for more consistent and shared best practice use of the insights that were generated, enabling more real-time actions versus the historical review of what occurred in the past.

The evaluation and future focussed reports differed from current state primarily in the following areas:

  • Reduced amount of report interpretation required
  • The data directly enabled the team leader BAU performance initiatives
  • Provided near real-time information
  • Reporting was delivered directly to those who could act on the insights

These findings formed the core of the development and re-use of INFOMart reporting.