Customer Experience (CX) Coaching

More than ever contact centres are under pressure.  Customers are demanding easy access to services.  They want to use the channels that they want and when they do speak to an agent, they expect them to be informed and confident in servicing their enquiries.  On the other side the business demands that the customer is served in a cost effective manner.  Caught up in the middle are the team leaders and agents, who often feel helpless in delivering to these demands.

At Flare we understand how to achieve the ‘sweet spot’ that delivers a great customer experience in a manner that is both efficient and effective, and, guess what, it’s not through the introduction of expensive technology.

We recognise that it is your people who are key to delivering a great customer experience (CX). CX Coaching is a cultural change program that focuses on developing the capability of your contact centre leaders, engaging them to truly own the service that they deliver.

The program focuses on 3 key principles;

1) Coaching Culture – Providing clarity about the purpose of the role that they fulfill and the impact that their behavior has on their teams and the customer’s experience (CX)

2) Performance Management – Developing their skills and capability in using contact centre tools in order to target their coaching for maximum impact

3) Continuous Improvement – Introducing new practices that enable the team to identify blockers and create actions to improve the CX and to embed and sustain the cultural change

The hard facts are that this program has consistently delivered between 12 and 20% efficiency savings and boasts 100% engagement from the team leaders who participate. In addition we create a much more desirable workplace where staff enjoy their jobs because there is clarity in their accountability, the types of contacts they handle are those they have preference for, and the coaching is informative. The rewards of this change in dynamics is snowballing, reducing attrition and in turn creating a more skilled workforce.

Our Clients Perspective:

“Flare Design has introduced my management team to new ways of leading our people. Flare’s methodology is concise, based on simple application of facts, allows my leaders to focus on coaching the right people at the right time, all with clear outcomes to achieve. In only a few months Flare were able to help me deliver efficiency gains in the vicinity of 15%, all through leadership and “right-person-routing” disciplines. We’ve also benefited from succession planning through the mentoring that Flare continue to provide”.

Tony Sumner – Meridian Energy (Contact Centre Institute NZ, Manager of the Year 2011)

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