About Flare

Flare Design are customer contact and contact centre practitioners (a term used by our clients to differentiate us from generic consultants). We bring a complete end-to-end view of the impacts, pitfalls and mitigating strategies of technology implementations, change and the impact on staff. We are specialists in operating models, agent skilling, and how to leverage technology to enable workflow and operating rhythm in your business. Oh, and we really enjoy what we do!


The Flare team have walked in your shoes as owners of many customer contact channels across a range of service companies. For the last 15 years we have solved operating model challenges and implemented dozens of enabling technology projects spanning voice and digital channels, founded on customer centricity but aligned with maximising business value. This head start, enables us to help you reduce risk early and deliver successful projects.

Our Sweet Spot

The contact centre domain and its relationship to the surrounding technology, processes, and people is our strength. Clients quickly realise that our depth of experience in all things contact centre both allows us to move quickly to add value but more importantly often define a different root cause than was understood by the business. Our emphasis is to solve the root cause, not just develop a list of quick wins and band-aids. This thinking empowers the business, strengthening its position when defining solutions and dealing with vendors.

All this becomes even more critical in an agile delivery model as our expertise has been described by clients as bringing the benefits of the waterfall detail into the agile world, all at 10% of the effort versus the traditional BA led discovery. The idea is to get on the front foot early so the solution being designed is fit-for-purpose.

Any of these things on your mind…

Just some of the common themes we are engaged around so just reach out (see mail icon at the top of the page) if these matter to you…

“How do I.…improve agent efficiency?”

“…get voice biometrics right?”

“…get my cross-skill model right?”

“…design an intent model to route contacts better?”

“…develop an agent career pathway?”

“…start integrating Ai capability?”

“…automate my testing to get to market faster?”

“…make speech IVRs work for the contact centre”

“…increase agent speed to proficiency?”

“…remove waste and increase self-service opportunities?”

“…get sufficient requirement detail into my agile delivery model?”

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